Handling Mistakes in Life - Part 3 — Morning Devotions - Hope 103.2

Handling Mistakes in Life – Part 3 — Morning Devotions

God says, I love you—period! God’s love for you isn’t dependent upon what we, imperfect people, do. It’s dependent upon who He is, a God of love!

By Chris WittsTuesday 1 Nov 2022Morning Devotions with Chris WittsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

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In this part, I’m talking again about regrets, and sometimes people get tied up in knots as it were—because of failures and regrets, things that happened in the past that they don’t know what to do with them. And what happens is that it becomes a weight around their necks. And the sense of failure plagues their lives, haunt their mind. They get bogged down, unable to move ahead, frustrated.

Having a sense of failure is a hard concept for some people to get because they grew up in performance-driven homes. Many were taught that if you succeeded that meant, “I’m valuable. I’m worthwhile. I’m only significant if I succeed at a certain level.” But when you failed it meant, “I’m worthless. I’m invaluable and not significant.” Maybe you were taught that your worth was based on your performance, that what you are was based on what you do. That’s not true.

Our Value Is Based On Who God Is

Your value as a person has nothing to do with your performance. God says, I love you—period! God’s love for you isn’t dependent upon what you do. It’s dependent upon who he is. It’s not based on your performance. It’s based on his character. God says you are worthwhile simply because he made you and he doesn’t make junk!

If you think you have to be perfect in order for God to love you, you have missed the central message of the Bible. You’ve missed the whole thing if you think you have to work for God to smile at you. Don’t you know you are the apple of his eye? That you are precious in his sight?

The point is, God says, I love you, unconditionally. Regardless of what you‘ve done, and in spite of the failure. There is nothing that you can do that will ever make God love you more than he does right now. There is nothing you can ever do that will ever make God love you any less than he does right now. You can’t make him love you less because his love is based on who he is—a loving God.

When Jesus Christ died for you on the cross, he paid for every failure you’re ever going to commit—the ones you did yesterday, the ones today and the ones tomorrow. The point is, you can rest in God’s grace. No matter how you fail, if you have committed your life to Christ, and will return to him, God will pull you through that failure. He’ll even turn it around and use it for good.

You may have gone through major failures in your life, and you may be in them right now. Often when you’re in the middle of a failure, it’s difficult to see God’s hand in your life. Christians have failures just like non-Christians do. The issue is how do we handle them. Are we intent on projecting an image of self-reliance, or do we show forth a life that is dependent on the grace of God? Relying on God’s grace is a whole lot better than fake perfection.

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God Still Has a Plan for Your Life

You may feel you’ve had a major failure in your life, you have been disqualified from the race, that you are now set on the shelf, you’re out of the game, and you cannot expect God to either bless your life or use your life from here on out. I say to you: You don’t understand God’s amazing grace.

The Bible is full of examples of failures that God used in significant ways. Abraham failed with his wife. Isaac and Noah failed with their kids. Moses failed to control his anger and killed a guy. David had a moral failure, committed adultery, and then killed the husband.

Thank God that he uses failures. If God only used perfect people, nothing would get done in this world, because there are no perfect people. None. If there are no perfect people, then God has to use imperfect people—and that means we’re all qualified! God looks for people with the ‘quality’ of imperfection. That’s me! God uses imperfect people. That’s called grace.

If you’re willing to be honest about it, God can even use your area of failure to teach and help and even deliver other people.

Even big failures haven’t changed God’s purpose for your life. God still has a plan for your life. God still has a purpose for your life. And God still has a place for you in this world. You just need to face the facts about failure!

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