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God Moments — Morning Devotions

I think we often believe a 'God moment' must involve a miracle or feeling of His presence. When in fact, God is with us in every moment of our life.

By Chris WittsTuesday 27 Sep 2022Morning Devotions with Chris WittsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

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Have you ever heard someone say I had a God moment the other day? Now I’ve heard this expression several times, and I wanted to explore a little bit more today. A God moment. Now what is it? It is something very personal, different for each person. It’s an unusual experience that signals to me that something larger is at work in the life or lives of people around me. It can be an unexplainable moment that impacts the way I see the world. When something that you’ve been praying for or thinking about actually happens, it catches you by surprise.

It’s a moment that was meant to happen, and fate intended you to be part of it. That’s what people are saying. It’s a random thing that connects you to other things that you’ve seen or heard. Now I’ve got a feeling that more people have had God moments or divine moments than they’ll tell you. Perhaps they feel embarrassed or surprised that the divine would reach out to them. The old saying is true. God works in mysterious ways. God, our creator is present, always, even if we can’t feel Him.

If we pay a little bit more attention and we stopped to think for a moment, we can realise that indeed, every step we’ve taken in every situation, good or bad, God is right there with us. He is present desiring that we hear Him and rejoice when we find Him. I think that many of us mistakenly believe that we can only find God in extraordinary moments or moments of deep prayer or solitude or some supernatural miracle. And indeed God is in those moments. But he’s also by our side in every step we take waiting for us to open the door and listen to His voice. There are His details, His care, His teaching, for example. Every time a baby is born and the mother takes this child in her arms, she experiences something so special she finds that words are hard to use, so I can call that a God moment.

Andy Otto was a religious scholar and writer. He spent three years as a Jesuit priest and he has an interesting blog that is called ‘God in all things’. And this is what Andy says in the spiritual life. “We must widen our horizon and see more of the whole picture.” Now what he means by that is that God is around us everywhere, and our problem is that we don’t recognise Him.

You can learn how to discern God’s presence through prayer. Alister Hardy of the Oxford Research Centre in the UK found that as many as two thirds of those that were surveyed explained some kind of religious experience and answers to prayer. He found that those who took part had prayed at some time and had received answers, some of which made quite a deep impression. It’s just they don’t talk about it. In the Old Testament, Proverbs 15:3 teaches us that God’s providence in our lives never wavers. He is always watching. He watches everything because it says in the verse, “The eyes of the Lord are everywhere.” So that means every moment, every day in every situation. For you and me, if God revealed himself and explicitly took over our lives every day, we’d probably be overwhelmed. We would probably feel incapable of making any real choices, so God wants us to be bold and independent. He wants us to use our free will as a force for good, to build his kingdom here on Earth. So He stands by. He lets us live our lives, and there is, for most of us, the good and the bad.

But we must never make the mistake of thinking that because we don’t always see Him, that He isn’t watching. So I would say to you that every moment is a God moment. Yes, we miss them, probably all the time, in moments when we’re miserable or tired or we’re feeling stressed out. It’s that time that God is there. He knows.

Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father, we do acknowledge that there are many God moments. It’s just that we’re not alert enough to see them as such. I pray you’ll help us to look out for these moments today, every day, because it is your plan to reach out and touch us and to help us in every detail of our life. And we are very grateful for that Lord, I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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