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Choose Forgiveness

Growing up in Apartheid-era South Africa, Crystal Morgan knows mistreatment and neglect. She wants us to embrace the healing power that changed her life.

By Ben McEachenMonday 15 Aug 2022Hope MorningsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

Forgiveness is one of the most painful, challenging things that any of us can do. Or attempt to do.

For so many of us, though, forgiveness is so tough or searing that we don’t want to do it. We avoid it, ignore it or believe it is not something we can – or should – do.

Crystal Morgan has experienced a lot. Growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid era, she was mistreated by her family – she felt like a maid and an outcast.

But as she outlines in her recent book, Forgiving The Enemy, Crystal discovered the healing power of being able to extend forgiveness.

As she told Hope Mornings, Crystal learned to stop expecting an apology before she considered forgiveness.

She also believes that any of us can practice forgiveness once we are in the forgiving embrace of Jesus.

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Forgiving the Enemy by Crystal Morgan