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Study Shows Our Consciousness Goes On After Death. Are We Ready? A Chat With Ivan Rudolph

In his book 'Your Origin and Your Destiny', Ivan Rudelph contemplates time, mortality, creation, destiny, life after death - and the deeper meaning of life.

Listen: Ivan Rudolph chats to Laura Bennett

By Laura BennettTuesday 26 May 2020Hope AfternoonsFaithReading Time: 3 minutes

Questions of where we came from and what our purpose is in life, are ones that circle the minds of many – and can plague us if we don’t find a place for those thoughts to rest.

African-born scientist and author Ivan Rudolph has been studying God’s intention for our lives since his first book, He’s Alive! in the 1980’s. More recently he wrote Living Beyond: Making Sense of Near Death Experiences, exploring the concept of eternity and accounts of life after death.

Now, in his 12th book, Your Origin and Your Destiny, Ivan contemplates concepts of time, mortality and creation, hoping to offer readers a clear pathway to understanding the deeper meaning of life.

“I’ve seen for many years that life for all of us is a journey,” said Ivan. “Everyone says that – but it’s a journey that doesn’t begin in the womb – it goes right back to God’s [original intent] and continues after we die.

“Consciousness persists after life – which has been shown by scientists in a big study called The Aware Study… it’s been conducted all around the world, and the one thing it’s shown for sure is that consciousness definitely survives death.

“We don’t know how long for, or how – but it does. So that should make us all think: ‘Life on earth is important, but it’s not the end of things’. It’s just one step in a much longer journey.”

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Viewing life from that perspective can also give us a greater value for the experiences we have day-to-day, says Ivan.

“This world has some opportunities that we’ll never have later,” Ivan said. “For example, ‘loving your enemies’ – because we’re not going to have enemies [in heaven]. There’s opportunity for personal growth on this earth – and of course there’s opportunity to come to know God in a personal way.”

Viewing Life From a Long-Term Perspective

The way we handle relationships is something Ivan believes is directly linked to our understanding of God, and our appreciation for the unique ways we can grow and learn during our lifetime.

“God is love, so our relationships need to develop around love,” said Ivan. “If COVID-19 has taught a lot of people something, it’s how important family, friends and homes are. So what changes will we keep when we come out of it completely? Those choices will be different for each of us and for our families and each community.

“But now – as always, to be wise, and to make godly choices we need to know who we are – who we really are. And that includes not just our origin, but also the purpose of what our life is now, and how we should be preparing for our destiny to come.

“And because we know consciousness continues, we can look on things [in light of] the long-term, instead of simply the short term.”

Your Origin and Your Destiny is available now via Amazon and Booktopia.

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