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Why Believe? Answers to Faith Questions – for Sceptics and Seekers

By Hope 103.2Monday 18 Feb 2019

Are you or someone you love, curious about faith – but sceptical or filled with big questions? This series of articles and interviews has answers for those with questions or doubts about Christian faith.

A Doubter’s Guide To The Bible

John Dickson Doubter's GuideIn his new book, A Doubter’s Guide To The Bible, John Dickson provides a reader-friendly, even sceptic-friendly guide to the Bible’s key themes. Read More

Opening Sceptics’ Minds to God: The Brilliant Tim Keller

Tim Keller Tim Keller, author of the new ‘Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Sceptical’, shares why he has such a passion for reaching sceptics. Read More

Why Believe? In the End, Christianity Rises or Falls on These Two Things

Woman thinking
In this secular age, belief could almost be considered social or professional suicide. So why Christianity? Writer Sheridan Voysey reflects from his own experience.
Read More

Still Sharing ‘The Case for Christ’: Meet the Real Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel author of The Case for ChristThe book ‘The Case for Christ’ had great success as a film, making over $16.5 million. We catch up with the sceptic-turned-believer himself, Lee Strobel. Read More

“Jesus Back From the Dead? April Fools!” Karl Faase Challenges Atheist Taunts

Karl FaaseIn a Facebook video, Christian leader Karl Faase has answered the atheist taunt that Jesus’ resurrection is one big April Fools’ joke. Read More

Facing the Worst Moments in Christianity: Sweeping New Documentary

Simon SmartChristianity has contributed great good to the world, for centuries. But there’s also a host of terrible episodes in Christian history, that believers have to deal with in order to defend their faith properly. Read More


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