The Social Media Echo Chamber and Respectful Conversation - Episode 4 – Hope 103.2

The Social Media Echo Chamber and Respectful Conversation – Episode 4

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 7 May 2019How in God's Name Should I Vote?

How do we speak about politics?  How do we treat those who disagree with us?  And what voices are influencing our vote?  On today’s episode of ‘How in God’s name should I vote?’ we’re thinking about how we talk about politics.

It’s hard to believe, but iPhones didn’t exist 15 years ago…and neither did Twitter and Facebook was still a novelty in nappies.  Combine this with the advent of a 24-hour news cycle and then mix all the ingredients thoroughly…What did we bake? Opinion has polarised and the language used to discuss political issues easily degenerates into violence, vitriol, and judgement – especially online. Why is it now such a rarity for people who hold opposing views to disagree respectfully?

In this episode Andrew Palmer is joined by;

  • Max Jeganathan, Asia Pacific director for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and former policy advisor to Bill Shorten
  • John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and former leader of the National Party
  • Mark McCrindle, award-winning social researcher, best-selling author, and influential thought leader
  • Jim Wallis, American author of ‘God’s Politics’ and Editor of Sojourners Magazine
  • Barney Zwartz, religion editor The Age and senior fellow at the Center for Public Christianity
  • John Dickson, founding director of the Centre for Public Christianity
  • Vikki Howorth, a board member for Micah Australia and social justice pastor in the Baptist Churches of Australia

They’ll challenge our voting habits and help us consider a range of key policy areas that may shape the way we think!

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