The Remarkable Impact of the Graham Family - Billy, Franklin & Will – Hope 103.2

The Remarkable Impact of the Graham Family – Billy, Franklin & Will

By Hope 103.2Friday 22 Feb 2019

As Franklin Graham and his team make their way across Australia for their 2019 tour, you can learn more about the impact of the Graham family on Australia. Explore this collection of interviews and articles looking at three generations of evangelists: Billy, Franklin and Will.

60 Years After Billy Graham Crusade, Son Franklin is Back in Australia for 2019 Gospel Tour

Six decades after the first Billy Graham crusade, his son Franklin is coming back to Australia – for his own gospel tour of our capital cities. Read More

Thousands Gather in Perth and Darwin as Franklin Graham’s Australia Tour Begins

Hundreds of people have made commitments to Jesus already, and thousands have united in their faith, as Franklin Graham’s gospel tour of Australia gets underway this week. Read More

Franklin Graham’s 2019 Tour Brings 45,000 Australians Together – And Counting

Franklin-Graham-Tour-Close to 45,000 people have gathered in stadiums across Australia so far during Franklin Graham’s gospel tour of the nation. Read More

Softly Spoken, Highly Influential: Franklin Graham’s Chat with Hope 103.2

Franklin Graham and Laura BennettDuring his Australia tour, Franklin Graham sat down to chat with Hope 103.2 about his vision for Australia, his influence with world leaders—and the gospel. Read More

In His Grandfather’s Footsteps: Will Graham, Grandson of Evangelist Billy Graham

Will Graham, grandson of the world-renowned Billy Graham, is a third-generation evangelist and Vice President of his grandfather’s evangelistic association. He gives an insight into life growing up in the ‘Graham’ clan, and shares stories from his evangelistic work in regional Australia. Read More

Farewell, Billy Graham – Fiery US Gospel Preacher who Put Brakes on Australia’s Crime Rates

In his 99 years on earth, Billy Graham touched the lives of millions, shaped evangelical Christian culture, and seems to have even helped slow crime in Australia. Read More

Eight Lessons to Learn From the Life of Billy Graham (1918-2018)

After reading Dr Billy Graham’s autobiography at a key moment in my own life, Sheridan Voysey has jotted down these 8 lessons to take on board.  Read More

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