Should One Issue Define My Vote? - Episode 2 – Hope 103.2

Should One Issue Define My Vote? – Episode 2

By Hope 103.2Friday 3 May 2019How in God's Name Should I Vote?

Election campaigns are often dominated by just one of two major issues: refugees, taxes, climate change, infrastructure. For Christians, there might be different considerations: the sanctity of life, freedom of religion, foreign aid.

What issues should we be most invested in, as we approach this election? And should we let any of those issues define our vote?
In this episode, we’ll be joined by

  • World Vision advocate Tim Costello
  • Sojourners founder and ‘God’s Politics’ author Jim Wallis
  • Michael Kellahan from Freedom for Faith
  • Ruth Powell, director of the National Church Life Survey (NCLS)
  • Mike Frost, author, theologian, and head of missiology at Morling College
  • John Dickson, founding director of the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX)
  • Peter Martin, former economics editor of The Age newspaper
  • Vikki Howarth, board member for Micah Australia and a social justice pastor in the Baptist Churches of Australia
  • Brad Chilcott, founder of Welcome to Australia
  • Max Jeganathan, Asia Pacific director for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and former policy advisor to Bill Shorten
  • Brooke Prentis, spokesperson of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Team for Common Grace
  • Jo Knight, national advocacy coordinator for TEAR Australia

They’ll challenge our voting habits and help us consider a range of key policy areas that may shape the way we think!

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