Faith and Politics, Can We Really Make A Difference? - Episode 1 – Hope 103.2

Faith and Politics, Can We Really Make A Difference? – Episode 1

By Hope 103.2Friday 3 May 2019How in God's Name Should I Vote?

Election time is looming! Perhaps you’re feeling excited by the prospect for going to the polls. Or perhaps, like many others, you’re feeling disillusioned and jaded by the whole process. Can politicians actually make a difference? Does democracy really work? Is there any point investing our time and energy into considering our vote, or is the whole thing just a waste of time?

In this episode we’ll hear from;

  • John Anderson, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Former leader of the National Party
  • John Dickson, Founder of the Centre for Public Christianity
  • Mike Frost, Head of the Missiology Department at Morling College
  • Max Jeganathan of Ravi Zacharias Ministries
  • Carolyn Kitto, Leader of Stop the Traffik
  • Martin Iles, Managing Director of Australian Christian Lobby (ACL)

They’ll help us decide if we should care about the democratic process, and where to even begin as we start the process of weighing up our vote.

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