Hope in the Drought, 2018 – Hope 103.2

Hope in the Drought, 2018

By Clare BruceThursday 21 Feb 2019

In 2018 as drought touched many parts of Australia, Hope 103.2 prayed about how to respond. This collection of interviews and articles inspired readers to give, pray, and to look to our God of love, who makes all the difference. We rounded out the year with an appeal to send teens from affected communities to a Scripture Union Summer Camp, which impacted many young people.

The Hope 103.2 ‘Hope in the Drought’ Series


Battling the Drought – How You Can Support Our Farmers

FarmerWith Aussie farmers now facing crippling drought, many Hope listeners have asked how they can make a difference.We would love you to support one of these appeals. Read More

5 Things Aussie Farmers Want You to Know About the Drought

Farming familyFarmers in NSW are doing it tough right now. They want you to know that. But how much do you really understand about how this drought is affecting country NSW? Read More

Faith Shines Through in Dry Times: Christian Farmers Take a Hopeful Outlook

FarmerWhile NSW farmers are struggling under the drought, it seems many Christian farmers are finding comfort in their faith. Read More

Rain Falls as ‘Rain Dancers’ Travel NSW Praying for Drought to End

Rain dancersAs Sydney and other parts of NSW are being drenched, a small band of Christians is touring NSW, worshipping and praying for God to break the drought. Read More

Relief in the Drought – Help Gilgandra Kids Get to Summer Camp

Gilgandra Youth to Camp banner
Hope 103.2 is partnering with Scripture Union and Bush Church Aid to support the farming community of Gilgandra by helping kids get to summer camp. Read More

Thank You! You’ve Helped 109 Kids from Country NSW, Get to Summer Camp

Thank You graphic
We’ve partnered with Scripture Union—to help kids from country families in drought-affected areas, to get to summer camp this holidays. Read More

Students “Set Free” and Hearts Changed at Summer Camp Supported by Hope 103.2

Kids at Chaffey Dam CampMore than 200 students enjoyed high-energy water sports and a dig into the meaning of life at Scripture Union’s Chaffey Dam camp, sponsored by Hope 103.2. Read More

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