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Discovering Jesus – Answers To Your Questions

By Hope 103.2Monday 18 Feb 2019

Curious about Jesus? Want to know more about who he was and what difference he makes to your life? Or just want to go deeper in your faith? This series of articles and interviews gives great answers.

Discovering Jesus


What is it About Jesus That Impacted the World So Much?

Crosses at GolgothaMany sociologists and historians agree that Jesus was one of the greatest influencers in human history—yet by today’s standards, he’s the most unlikely world-changer. What then, made him so influential? Read More

Christianity Explained: Who is Jesus, and What Does His Life Mean for Us?

Woman Thinking Created by author and pastor Michael Bennett, the course is a 6-part exploration of the life and message of Jesus. Whether you’re curious about who he is, or are a long time believer in Jesus, there’s something here for you? Read / Listen 

The Case For Christ, and Journalist Lee Strobel’s Journey to Faith

Lee StrobelLee Strobel was a journalist at the Chicago Tribune and an avowed atheist. The film ‘The Case for Christ’, follows his remarkable journey to faith. In this interview with Stephen O’Doherty, Lee shares the story of that journey. Read More

“Jesus Back From the Dead? April Fools!” Karl Faase Challenges Atheist Taunts

Karl FaaseIn a Facebook video, Christian leader Karl Faase has answered the atheist taunt that Jesus’ resurrection is one big April Fools’ joke. Read More

The Day Jesus Messed Up His Nice-Guy Image

Jesus reaching out a handHe makes a whip out of rope and starts driving out the animals on sale for sacrifice. ‘Meek and mild’ Jesus is being neither meek nor mild. Read More

In Jesus’ Family, Everyone is Welcome

Steve WakefordSteve Wakeford from MBM Church in Rooty Hill, reminds us in his Christmas message that no-one is unqualified for God’s love. Read More


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