BONUS: Michael Frost | Full Interview - The Third Way – Hope 103.2

BONUS: Michael Frost | Full Interview – The Third Way

By Hope 103.2Monday 13 May 2019How in God's Name Should I Vote?

Michael Frost is one of those guys that people seem to really love or really loathe. He has the habit of pushing buttons and for that, he’s copped more than his fair share of criticism says Andrew Palmer host of How in God’s Name Should I Vote?

In this bonus episode of our 5 part podcast How in God’s Name Should I Vote? we feature our full-length interview with Michael Frost, author, theologian, and head of missiology at Morling College.

In our conversation, Michael speaks about the idea that Christians should eschew a conservative or progressive agenda and find a third way.

Over 5 episodes we explore;

  • Can I really make a difference?
  • Should one issue define my vote?
  • Vote for someone else
  • The social media echo chamber
  • People power and creating change

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