BONUS: Jim Wallis Full Interview | God's Politics and Uncommon Good – Hope 103.2

BONUS: Jim Wallis Full Interview | God’s Politics and Uncommon Good

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 14 May 2019How in God's Name Should I Vote?

Jim Wallis is an American writer and justice advocate and president and founder of Sojourners and editor of Sojourners magazine. In this in-depth conversation, Jim Wallis discusses the need for Christians of all persuasions in the west to stop oversimplifying and separating the spiritual and sacred from the material and secular. And to instead see all people and the planet worthy of honour, love and redemption.

He’s authored numerous books on the Gospel and politics, including uncommon good, “How the Gospel Brings Hope to a World Divided.” And served as spiritual advisor to Barack Obama during his time in the White House. A regular in political discourse, not only in America but around the world.

Over 5 episodes we explore;

  • Can I really make a difference?
  • Should one issue define my vote?
  • Vote for someone else
  • The social media echo chamber
  • People power and creating change

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