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Angels, Bible Characters & 800 Friends in Sydney’s ‘Holy City March’

By Clare BruceTuesday 12 Mar 2019

If you were in Sydney on Sunday and saw a host of golden-winged angels, costumed Biblical characters, musicians, multi-coloured flags, and hundreds of people walking with them, you were a witness to the annual Holy City March.

The event, held in March every year, is organised and attended by a mix of local churches, many from Sydney’s Asian and multicultural community, with the Christian Democratic Party’s founder Fred Nile and his wife Silvana as guests leading the parade.

Fred Nile and Silvana Nero -Nile n the Holy City March

Above: Fred Nile and Silvana Nero-Nile led the march.

An estimated 800 people from around NSW, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand joined the march, which began at Belmore Park and finished at Moore Park.

Curious onlookers stopped to watch the peaceful parade pass by, and the event concluded with a gospel service complete with a praise and worship band and speakers.

Sydney Holy City March

Above: Church leaders from Sydney’s multicultural community led the way in the march.


Sydney Holy City March

Above: The parade was a colourful site along Sydney’s streets.


Participants in the Holy City March

Above: Participants in costume included Grace from Sydney (L) and Cara Harris from Bendigo, Victoria (R).

Sydney's Holy City March

Above: The march concluded with a gospel service.

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