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Rain Falls as ‘Rain Dancers’ Travel NSW Praying for Drought to End

As Sydney and other parts of NSW are being drenched, a small band of Christians is touring NSW, worshipping and praying for God to break the drought.

By Clare BruceWednesday 28 Nov 2018NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

Above: Travelling, praying rain-dancers celebrate a downpour in Parkes. (L-R) Mark and Vicki Moody-Basedow, Kevin Sullivan, Evana Harris, Tom and Cara Harris. Photo credit: Lydia Harris.

As Sydneysiders are being drenched by a month’s worth of rain in one day, and regions of NSW also experience fresh rainfall, a small band of Christian ‘rain-dancers’ is in the midst of a tour of NSW, worshipping and praying for God to open the heavens on a drought-parched land.

It’s hard not to wonder if the events are linked.

Vicki and Mark Moody-Basedow of Penrith, Tom and Cara Harris of Bendigo, and Kevin Sullivan of the Blue Mountains, are a small group of friends who have been led by God to travel through major country towns including Dubbo, Parkes and Cowra, praying for rain.

They are spending a day in each town, in public squares and parks, at times joined by local Christians, playing music, dancing, praying for rain and talking to locals.

The group carries a sign that says ‘Raindance – Prayer for the Farmers’, with a photo of a paddock underneath a rainbow. The image was taken by a Victorian farmer who recently danced and prayed for rain, and had a downpour on her property that same day.

In an article published by Cowra’s local paper the Cowra Guardian, organiser Vicki said the local communities had been very welcoming and positive.

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“We get a lot of thumbs up from truckies, people walking by and say thank you. It’s a very positive atmosphere,” she told the Guardian.

“People are a little bit shocked, but we go down the street, we stop for every shop and raise awareness. We find people coming out starting to talk about it (the drought) and share their pain, their ideas. Some people are angry about it and we give them an opportunity to talk through that.”

Sheltering From a Downpour as They Pray

On Tuesday as the group were in the middle praying in Cowra, drops of rain began falling on the region, and in Parkes on Wednesday, they had to shelter from a downpour while they spent the day in prayer. While they drove to Dubbo late on Wednesday, rain began falling as they were approaching the town.

Cara Harris told Hope 103.2 that the rain seemed to be following them.

“God wants us to ask, so that he can be shown as the answer to our prayer.” ~ Cara Harris

“There’s copious amounts of rain right now,” she said. “Prayer has mystified me all my life, and what I’ve learnt is that God wants us to ask, so that he can be shown as the answer to our prayer.”

Group organiser Vicki was inspired by a vision to take a team across NSW to pray. She hesitated on her idea, until visiting a church one Sunday, when the preacher said in their message, “You need to go where God is sending you, and if God is sending you to the farmers to pray for rain you have to go.”

It was all the prompt she needed to get going. The team also have a plan to visit and pray at parliament houses across Australia over the next 12 months.