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Living Free With Part Of Your Heart In North Korea

How must it feel to have grown up in Australia not knowing what has become of your relatives in North Korea? We visit the Siloam Korean Presbyterian Church in Sydney's Strathfield.

By Anne RinaudoMonday 30 Apr 2018Open House InterviewsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

Listen: Australian Christian Koreans in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty 

The meeting on Friday of the leaders of the two Koreas was a significant moment – perhaps even a move to the formal end of the Korean War. A war in which overt hostilities eased on 27 July 1953 but which has never officially ended in the 65 years since.

The meeting in the Korean demilitarized zone might be followed by a meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and US President Donald Trump.

The world has been watching and waiting following the past twelve months with the flexing of military and nuclear might between North Korea and America.

The threats have been made,  the insults traded the missile tested – Kim Jong-Un has recently undertaken – after confirming North Korea’s nuclear missile capability – that he is prepared to stop testing and pull down (an already structurally failing) test site

What do Australian Koreans make of it all? Stephen O’Doherty went to the Siloam Korean Presbyterian Church of the Reverend Byeong Jae (BJ) Ryu in the Sydney suburb of Strathfield to find out.