LifeWords Q&A Podcast - Welcoming New Comers & Coveting – Hope 103.2

LifeWords Q&A Podcast – Welcoming New Comers & Coveting

By David ReayThursday 25 Jan 2018LifeWords Q&A with David Reay

LifeWords Q&A Podcast with David Reay answers your questions about the Bible, living out your faith and stranges practices or beliefs we’ve picked up across the centuries.

This week;

  • Jesus says the poor are specially blessed. Is he talking about people who have little money or something else?
  • What do you think the difference is between admiring someone’s life and coveting what they have got?
  • I have been going to church now for a couple of months and so far no one has tried to get to know me and few even bother to talk to me. Should I try another church?


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