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Tiffany Smiling: When You Lose Your Dreams and Gain God’s Best

Tiffany Smiling's life hasn't fulfilled the fairytale of her childhood dreams. But she's discovered God's plan is even better.

By Clare BruceTuesday 5 Dec 2017Hope AfternoonsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

Listen: Tiffany Smiling chats to Hope 103.2’s Laura Bennett.  

Like a lot of young women, 27 year old US local Tiffany Smiling was sold the idea that fulfilment lay in the plots of her favourite movies: she’d be swept away by a soul mate, live on a gorgeous southern estate, and start a family. Yet, her story unfolded quite differently.

Weeks after taking centre end-of-year high school celebrations, Tiffany was operated on to remove a brain tumour and with the nick of a scalpel suffered a paralysing stroke. Most of her physical ability was lost along with the form of beauty she’d come to value.

Returning to school in a wheelchair, head half-shaved and face distorted, Tiffany vowed it wouldn’t affect her shot at a ‘normal’ life, but in that season God began changing Tiffany’s heart. He showed her He had something better in store for her, even more fulfilling than the dream she’d be sold.

In her book Your Dream, God’s Plan, Tiffany shares her miraculous journey of heartache, healing, and the lessons she’s learned along the way. I had a chance to chat to Tiffany and hear some of her remarkable story.

Tiffany Smiling Your Dream God's Plan