The wonder-worker – Hope 103.2

The wonder-worker

By David ReayThursday 20 Jul 2017LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Luke 4:9-13

9 Then the devil took him to Jerusalem, to the highest point of the Temple, and said, “If you are the Son of God, jump off! 10 For the Scriptures say,

             ‘He will order his angels to protect and guard you.
11        And they will hold you up with their hands
               so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.’”

12 Jesus responded, “The Scriptures also say, ‘You must not test the Lord your God.’”

13 When the devil had finished tempting Jesus, he left him until the next opportunity came. (NLT)

Jesus is being tempted to be a different sort of Messiah, a Saviour on Satan’s terms. This sequence of temptations reminds us of the subtlety of temptation. Jesus is not tempted to do something obviously evil. And in this case he is even tempted from Scripture.

Doing a miracle is not a bad thing. Jesus did many of them. But he will not do them at the behest of the evil one. His miracles were never meant to draw a crowd or to show off his divine powers. They were signs pointing to who he was and what was his primary mission. He came to rescue men and women from their self-imposed estrangement from God by offering mercy to them. He didn’t come as a wandering wonder-worker.

Resisting this temptation to trust God to get him out of a tight spot was consistent with his willingness to hang on the cross when in fact he could have called on God to rescue him. This was a temptation to take the easier road, to draw a crowd, to avoid trouble by summonsing up divine powers.

Jesus is refusing to use God for his own ends. He is not letting the evil one twist Scripture. He is not taking the easy road. He is refusing to work cheap miracles in order to work a costly and greatly more significant miracle: reconciliation of lost people with their Creator.

David Reay