Does The Church Have A Future? Interview with Mark Sayers - Hope 103.2

Does The Church Have A Future? Interview with Mark Sayers

In a world of upheavals like terrorism, the refugee crisis, gender and the economy, author Mark Sayers considers whether the church even has a future.

By Hope 103.2Thursday 7 Sep 2017Hope BreakfastFaithReading Time: 1 minute

Mark Sayers is the Senior Leader of Red Church. He is also a cultural commentator, writer and speaker, who is highly sought after for his unique and perceptive insights into faith and contemporary culture. Mark is the author of Strange Days which deals with many of the cultural upheavals facing the world; terrorism, the refugee crisis, even issues related to gender and the economy.

In this interview with Hope Breakfast’s Duncan Robinson, they cover off on several of the topics covered in his latest book as well as looking towards the future of the church.

  • How do we live as faithful Christians in a world that seems chaotic (0:00)
  • How terrorism is influencing travel (2:02)
  • How should Christians respond to the refugee crisis (3:12)
  • Losing the ability to have fair and rational debate over issues like same sex marriage and gender identity (5:52)
  • Issues affecting the church today (10:20)
  • The church 10 years on (12:06)
  • Is the best place for the church in the middle of culture or at the fringe (14:27)
  • Christ’s power made perfect in weakness (16:10)