LifeWords Q&A Podcast - Were Adam & Eve Real People? – Hope 103.2

LifeWords Q&A Podcast – Were Adam & Eve Real People?

By David ReayMonday 18 Dec 2017LifeWords Q&A with David Reay

LifeWords Q&A with David Reay answers your questions about the bible, living your faith and other hot potatoe issues.

This week:

  1. Were Adam and Eve real people or are they just names given as part of a story of creation?
  2. I have a friend who lost her husband very young and I am worried she is taking so long to get over it. What if anything can I do to help her?
  3. I’ve noticed that most people don’t kneel for prayer in most churches. Should this cause us any concern re lack of reverence for God?

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