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God so loved the world

By David ReayFriday 22 Dec 2017LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read John 3:16

16 God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die. (CEV)

There is a story about a very rich man who was a widower with one very precious son. He had servants who took care of much of his household duties and even took care of his son. One day, the man was working at home in his office. Through the window, he could see his son climbing a tree in the garden.

Then he heard a cry from the garden. Looking out the window, he saw his son crying at the foot of a tree from which he had fallen. The father didn’t send a message to his servants to look after his son. He immediately left what he was doing and rushed to the garden to tend to his son himself. The task was too important to be left to servants.

Which is a bit like what God did when he sent Jesus to earth. He knew we were in trouble. He did in fact send some servants (prophets and leaders) to help us get back on track. But when he saw that we were still in trouble he came himself. In the person of his son Jesus. Like many of us, God realised that if you want something done just right, best do it yourself.

David Reay