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Family values

By David ReayFriday 29 Sep 2017LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Micah 6:8

8         No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good,
                and this is what he requires of you:
           to do what is right, to love mercy,
                and to walk humbly with your God. (NLT)

We often hear politicians and crusaders on the conservative side of politics speak of ‘family values’ and even have ‘family’ in their organisation’s title. What on earth does it mean? We suspect it is a way of describing some more traditional ways of looking at life. But it begs a couple of questions.

One is to do with just what ‘family’ we are talking about. We might suspect it refers to mum, dad, the kids and a faithful pooch in the backyard. Yet we know families come in all shapes and sizes. And we know that some such families have no time or sympathy for the values and principles that lurk behind ‘family values’ speeches. How many families hold those values? And more to the point, how many families live out those coveted values?

And the other question is probably more basic as has been mentioned earlier. What are these values? How do they accord with what seems the bedrock biblical values enshrined in our text today? In other words, these ‘family values’ may or may not reflect biblical values. Those who favour a return to what we call traditional values (and we still don’t know what that means) need to be sure these values are consistent with Scripture, not just political or cultural ideology.

Let’s hope and pray our families, which come in all sorts of shapes, live with justice, mercy and humility. Not because they are family values but because they are biblical values.

David Reay

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