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Answering the Sceptics – Part 2

By Chris WittsSunday 12 Nov 2017Morning Devotions with Chris Witts

In Part 1 we looked at some of the objections sceptics pose toward Christianity and how to respond to them. In this Part 2 we consider some more.

7. If God is good, why is there evil?
God didn’t create evil. Sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience (Genesis 3). The possibility of sin is necessary for a free world. Just as parents often allow their children to make mistakes and suffer the consequences, God acts in a parental fashion with his creation. Fortunately, Jesus accomplished the ultimate defeat of evil on the cross.

8. Why is there suffering?
Suffering reminds us of the fragile balance of life. In The Problem of Pain, Christian apologist C. S. Lewis writes: “God whispers to us in our pain; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” At the heart of this issue is the underlying challenge that God isn’t fair. The truth is, if God gave us what we deserve, we’d be in trouble. It would be foolish to ask God for justice; what we need is mercy.

9. If there’s a Hell, why would a loving God send people there?
While evil and suffering are real, they are also temporary. God hates evil, and one day he will destroy it. In the meantime, he longs for people to accept Jesus’ death and resurrection as payment for their sins, so they can live eternally with him. Sadly, many decide not to be a part of God’s Heaven. Jean-Paul Sartre noted that the gates of Hell are locked from the inside by the free choice of men and women.

10. Christianity is a crutch.
Critics charge that religion is a crutch for people who are incapable of coping with life’s pressures. But many non-religious people have their own crutches in drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, money, power and material possessions. Rather than being weak, Christians are strong, because they depend not on themselves, but on Jesus. Everyone needs assistance. The question is: What will you lean on?

By: Frank Harber
Source: Faith & Friends October 2003

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