The best book to read is the Bible - Hope 103.2

The best book to read is the Bible

By David ReayTuesday 19 Jan 2016LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Psalm 119:15-16

15          I will study your commandments
                  and reflect on your ways.
16          I will delight in your decrees
                  and not forget your word. (NLT)

Christians are rightly urged to read their Bibles. God has communicated to us through it. The Bible is meant to not merely provide information about God but also be a transforming power, changing the way we live life. So it is good to be as familiar as possible with the Scriptures.

And yet we need to be careful in our Bible reading. We are well aware of the complexities of interpreting the Bible given its origins in a different culture and different languages. But there is also the matter of our own predispositions. We bring our own culture, our own temperament, our own prejudices and passions to bear on the Bible. It is arrogant and dangerous to assume our interpretation is the right one, whereas those who disagree with us have read the Bible wrongly.

We bring our own baggage to the Bible: none of us is entirely objective. What might be clear to me is not so clear to others. And this might be due not to one person being disobedient to God and the other being obedient. It could be merely our differing backgrounds. We might have to admit that some things are not clear and that God doesn’t seem to show much haste in clarifying it all.

We best read the Bible humbly, aware that we might be mistaken and others might be able to teach us something. We best read the Bible in community, where we are made aware of the general consensus of the people of God as they read the Bible and variations around the edges. We read with humble self-awareness. We meet an infallible God but do so as very fallible individuals.

David Reay