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Is Faith a Private Matter? A Chat with the Karate Ninja Pastor, Jeff Durbin

We chat to Jeff Durbin - who’s both an expert apologist and karate champion - and asked how we can answer some of the big challenges to the Christian faith.

By Duncan RobinsonMonday 7 Nov 2016Hope BreakfastFaithReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Duncan sits down with the ‘Karate Ninja Pastor and Apologist’, Jeff Durbin

The first time I met Jeff Durbin was on a youth camp in Arizona, USA.

He was brought in because he was an expert apologist – someone who’s great at defending their faith – but it also helped that he was a world champion karate expert, who played the Johnny Cage character in the video game Mortal Kombat. Pretty cool credentials if you’re a teenager at a youth camp waiting to be impressed.

When he’s not practicing his karate chops, Jeff Durbin’s busy running Apologia studios, church and radio station in Phoenix, Arizona.

He’s an expert in answering challenges to the Christian faith from atheists and Mormons, and videos of his debates with both have been viewed millions of times of YouTube.

To get really technical, Jeff’s approach to defending Christianity is something called ‘’pre-suppositional apologetics”. That’s an approach where you believe that Christian faith is the only basis for rational thought, starting from the assumption that the Bible is divine revelation, and attempting to expose flaws in other worldviews.

It’s slightly different from the evidence-based approach that points to the world around us to highlight the existence of God.

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Jeff was recently in Australia for a conference and I had a chance to sit down with him, and ask him how I should answer a couple of those big questions Christians often get asked:

  • Do faith and science disagree?
  • Should we force our faith on other people or is it a private matter?

His answers were enlightening. Take a listen in the audio player above!

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All of Jeff Durbin’s resources can be found at Apologia Radio’s website,