God of all nations - Hope 103.2

God of all nations

By David ReayMonday 26 Dec 2016LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Amos 9:7

7           “Are you Israelites more important to me
                than the Ethiopians?” asks the Lord.
             “I brought Israel out of Egypt,
                but I also brought the Philistines from Crete
                and led the Arameans out of Kir. (NLT)

At times in the history of our world we find that some nations have figured that they are God’s favourites, the teacher’s pet. They are the instruments through which God extends his rule, they uniquely enjoy God’s protection. They are all mistaken.

True, God chose one nation, Israel, to be a light to all other nations in Old Testament times. That nation’s role was taken on by Jesus and his people who comprise all nations. So no nation enjoys favoured status nowadays (though the Jewish people themselves scattered throughout the world still have some part to play it seems).

Even in Old Testament times, Israel was reminded that God was not just their deity. They were not immune from his judgement. They were not the only nation to be used by God for his purposes. Amos reminds the people that while they may be the chosen nation in one sense, that does not mean God is limited to them. He arranges and rearranges political alliances so as to achieve his purposes.

No nation today actually willingly and openly serves God and follows Jesus. In fact, only individuals can do that sort of thing anyway. But each and every nation can be used by God even if those nations are ungodly. No empire lasts forever; no national leader lasts forever. Power comes and power goes. Our God remains, beyond elections, beyond opinion polls, beyond changing ideological fashions. The God of all nations whether they like it or not.

David Reay