Being still - Hope 103.2

Being still

By David ReayMonday 13 Jun 2016LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Psalm 46:10

10           “Be still, and know that I am God!
                    I will be honoured by every nation.
                    I will be honoured throughout the world.” (NLT)

For some people, it is so hard to give up the insistence that we control and manage their own lives. The idea of being in control of your own life is part and parcel of common human thinking. But when we give ourselves to Jesus we surrender this otherwise common right.

We do not become passive. We think, we plan, we act, but all in the context of overall surrender to Jesus. And given that our lives are in God’s hands, we take time to be still and recognise what he is doing. Only as we stop trying to be gods in our own lives can we see what the true God is really doing in our lives.

Our lives are not to be measured by how busy we are. Our discipleship is not a matter of frantic activity, figuring that the more we do the more we achieve. God calls us to a different way of life. Busy perhaps, certainly active, but not at all frantic or unreflective. We are called to be still, to quit thinking that service of God is all about doing lots of things.

And stillness is not just a matter of taking time to rest. It involves a mental and emotional state as well. A quietening of our mind, a determination that we will not allow our minds to be so cluttered that we miss out on the heart and mind of God. Only as we cease our restless doing will we find out what really needs to be done.

David Reay