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Why Feel Inferior – Part 1

By Chris WittsFriday 25 Sep 2015Morning Devotions with Chris WittsDevotionsReading Time: 0 minutes


Are you suffering from inferiority blues?  Do you often think of yourself as less worthy or less talented than the people around you?  Most of us have come across a time when we feel dissatisfied and disappointed with our own self, the reasons ranging from physical defects to mental limitations and even social differences.  Deep down inside, we always wish to be like someone else, someone who is more beautiful/charming, more talented or who has more money.  Amidst all such feelings one important fact that we all forget is that God has created every human being as a unique entity and that each of us is special in our own way.  All that you need to do is accentuate the positives and watch all the complex feelings fading out. In the following lines, we have tips on how to get rid of an inferiority complex, easily.

Getting Rid of Inferiority Complex

  1. Be Positive
    Positive thinking is one of the factors you need to delve into.  Remember, If you think optimistically, you would have a positive approach towards life and also feel confident and self assured.  You would be surprised to know that a positive attitude helps you to achieve positive results in life.  This is applicable to all the areas of your life – be it work, relationship or play.
  2. Work Upon Your Individuality
    You need to realise that every human being is different from the other and that each of us has been endowed with some special qualities.  An excellent way to achieve this would be to make a list of all your good qualities.  Keep the list with you and go through it every day.  This would give a boost to your morale during the lows.
  3. Learn or Refine Your Skills
    How about adding a feather to your already illustrious cap?  Sounds great!  Learning a new skill or refining your talents is an influential way to beat the inferiority blues.  This would not only help you learn a new art, but also give a boost to your confidence and self-esteem.  Right from painting, dancing and singing to cooking and even writing stories, the options are endless.
  4. Self-improvement Chart
    You need to realise that nobody in this world is perfect.  Place yourself in a self-improvement chart and look into the areas where you can improve.  Right from weight and education to career and relationships, you can start working towards improving any areas of your life.  You would be surprised to know that even a little up gradation would do wonders to your self-confidence and do away with the ‘complex’ syndrome.
  5. ‘Feel Good’ Factor
    Are you one of those who feel downtrodden because of their looks?  If yes, then the only solution is grooming yourself!  Instead of moaning and complaining about your physical appearance, just work your way through it.  Maintain daily hygiene and wear clothes that emphasise or enhance your features and complement your body.  Also, make a note of how you carry yourself.  Instead of slouching or bending when you walk, take pride in yourself and walk with confidence.  Remember, when you feel beautiful from within, the world shares your feelings!!
  6. Enjoy and Make Merry
    A hop here and a skip there – just let yourself free and enjoy life as it comes!  If you are waiting for the perfect time, (believe me) the wait would be an endless one.  Have fun, laugh often and have a smiling face, as you pursue new activities.  This would definitely help you become more comfortable and outgoing.  Let all the worries and complexities go outside the window!!
  7. Be Wary
    Even after you follow all the above mentioned points, you might still feel letdown or disappointed.  Ever wondered why? Check for the people around you.  Remember, there are loads of people around us who speak negatively and intentionally make us feel depressed and unenthusiastic.  You need to learn to handle such people and answer them confidently with a curt smile, or else just avoid them.