Watching and waiting - Hope 103.2

Watching and waiting

By David ReayWednesday 8 Apr 2015LifeWords DevotionalsCultureReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Psalm 5:3

03        In the morning,Lord,you hear my voice;
                in the morning I lay my requests before you
                and wait expectantly. (NIV)

There are two basic types of waiting. One is the waiting that has no particular specific time frame attached to it. Waiting for a prodigal child to return home; waiting for depression to lift; waiting for more satisfaction in marriage. What we hope for may or may not happen. Or at least it may take a while to come to pass.

The other sort of waiting is more specific. The person waiting for a dear friend to arrive off the aircraft for a long-anticipated reunion; waiting for a concert to begin; waiting for the birth of the first grandchild. These things will indeed happen. Our waiting in these instances is shot through with gladness and eager expectation.

Godly waiting is perhaps a combination of both. The psalmist seems to be confident that the responses to prayer will come: the second sort of waiting. Then again,he can’t be exactly sure just what shape those responses will take or when they will occur: the first sort of waiting. Elsewhere,he likens his waiting to that of a watchman waiting for the morning. The morning will definitely come(the second sort of waiting),but it may be a long and weary wait beforehand (the first sort of waiting).

Ultimately,though,all our waiting is of the second type,no matter what we might feel. We wait ultimately for the final outworking of Jesus’ victory over all that dehumanises us. We might wait a while,we might even wait wearily and frustratingly,but it will come. Our waiting will one day come to an end.

David Reay