The weeping Jesus - Hope 103.2

The weeping Jesus

By David ReayWednesday 25 Mar 2015LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read John 11:35

35 Jesus wept. (NIV)

It is the shortest verse in the Bible. Two words which tell us much about Jesus and about the nature of the life of faith. Jesus was at the tomb of his friend Lazarus. And the question is asked of this text: why did he weep? He was breaking the convention that grown men don’t cry. A man weeping is a bit of an embarrassment.

So why the tears? It could quite simply be that he mourned the death of his friend. In weeping,this perfect human being reminds us that it is acceptable to weep. Jesus’ belief in the resurrection,our belief in the resurrection,does not empty death of its sorrow. We grieve,but ours is a hopeful grieving.

It could be that his tears are a more general response to death,the alien intruder. The one who has come to offer eternal life recognises that the offer is no cheap offer. It will cost him his life. And many will reject the offer. And even those who accept the offer will yet die and thus give rise to more tears. The one who offers eternal life cannot save his own life. He can indeed raise Lazarus but even he will finally die.

The way to eternal life leads through death. The way to joy passes through sorrow. We are truly more than conquerors but we are not immune to tears.

David Reay