The blessedness of brokenness - Hope 103.2

The blessedness of brokenness

By David ReayThursday 8 Oct 2015LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Matthew 5:4

4            God blesses those who mourn,
                 for they will be comforted. (NLT)

A verse like this can be read at funerals to console the bereaved. And it is true that God does extend such consolation. He is close to the broken-hearted and the grieving. But this second of Jesus’ beatitudes is not primarily concerned with grieving people at funerals. In its context, it is more to do with mourning over our inability to be the people we were made to be. It is to do with a deep recognition of our brokenness in many areas of life.

God comforts such people by reminding them of his inexhaustible grace. He comforts them by reminding them that their sin is not the last word: mercy triumphs over judgement. So we mourn our human imperfections not in order to sink into a pit of misery but rather to recognise our need of the grace of God.

There are no shortcuts to this grace. Mercy doesn’t come to those who figure they have no need of it. Grace is not appreciated by those who reckon they are too good for it. The good news of forgiveness is good to those who know they don’t deserve it.

God is the all-time expert in putting people back together again. But if we are to receive his wholeness, we first have to admit we are broken. And so this text speaks of blessed brokenness.

David Reay