The good old days - Hope 103.2

The good old days

By David ReayMonday 21 Apr 2014LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Job 29:1-6

1-6 Job now resumed his response:

       “Oh,how I long for the good old days,

           when God took such very good care of me.
       He always held a lamp before me
           and I walked through the dark by its light.
       Oh,how I miss those golden years
            when God’s friendship graced my home,
       When the Mighty One was still by my side
            and my children were all around me,
       When everything was going my way,
            and nothing seemed too difficult. (THE MESSAGE)

Memories can be bittersweet. We can remember with fondness so many wonderful times and be thankful for them. Then again,like Job,we can remember some good times from a different perspective. Our yesterdays might be delightful compared to our todays. The memories of the good times only make these not-so-good times even harder to bear.

This is particularly so when God is brought into the picture. Isn’t God supposed to be the same yesterday,today,and forever? How come he has so richly blessed me in the past and now seems to have withdrawn his favour? The memories of the ‘good old days’ are a haunting reminder of what we once had but have now lost.

The past can never be entirely recaptured,the past is well and truly past. We dare not linger too long over these good old days,even though we rightly thank God for them. And given the constancy of God (despite appearances sometimes),we can look forward to more good times. Till then we endure this season saturated with memories of what has been. And we cling to trusting that God has not been left behind.

Our God is never a mere memory. He has not shut himself off in our past as some historical relic. He is with us to see us through all our days,not just the good old days.

David Reay