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God can make a way: Part 2

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By Chris WittsSunday 18 Aug 2013Morning Devotions with Chris WittsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Is it possible for God to make a way for us through life,even when everything looks bleak and hopeless? I’m sure it is,and I have proven this to be true myself,as many others have before. I said yesterday that life can be difficult ..and we get confused or scared,and we feel life doesn’t make sense,or that life is unfair. Can God make a way for me then?  I know some Christians who have to pretend everything is OK. They feel they must have answers to all of life’s dilemmas. Or they may say ‘I’m not sure I understand why God allows things to happen the way He does”. It would be good if life was simple,but unfortunately for most of us it’s not. Life is complex,and we struggle with issues. Is that true for you too?

You may know the story of Abraham from the Old Testament. At age 75,he was asked by God to leave his own country for an unknown destination. Talk about a unique challenge .. how could he do it? He didn’t even know where he was going,or how to get there ..but he believed God and trusted in Him for everything. Why would he take his family and trudge out through a desert on an unknown mission?  He believed in a God who knew exactly  where He was taking him,even if Abraham didn’t have a clue. Centuries late the writer to the Hebrews said this “Abraham had faith and obeyed God. He was told to go to the land that God had said would  be his,and he left for a country he had never seen. Abraham did this,because he was waiting for the eternal city that God had planned and built”. (Hebrews 10).

I think we need someone greater than ourselves to tell us what to do when we don’t know what to do. The song says “God will make a way when there is no other way. With love and strength for each new day,God will make a way”

I have heard people say “religion and God is only a crutch for weak people”. This is nonsense. It’s not true. We are created and designed to reach beyond ourselves to a higher power we call God ..I like what Psalm 100:3 says :”You know the Lord is God. He created us,and we belong to Him. We are His people,the sheep in his pasture”. We belong to God .. we have an inner need to belong.

We all have a deep need to belong,although the famous comedian,Groucho Marx,famously quipped,”I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.” The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow placed the need to belong in his hierarchy of five basic human needs. The need to belong is not something we develop over time. . it’s  not an acquired taste. The need to belong is rooted deep within us,even Groucho Marx. God wired us in such a way that we need to belong.  People who do not feel like they belong are also prone to loneliness,which can feel like a prison. As Don Henley,the drummer of one of the greatest rock bands of the 70’s,The Eagles,sang in their hit,Desperado,”Your prison is walking through this world all alone”-or as The Beatles ask in Eleanor Rigby: “All the lonely people-where do they all belong?”  It’s not weakness to say “I need God in my life – I need to belong to a loving Father who knows all about me”.

When we put our faith and trust in God,we get in touch with the everlasting and eternal truth ..we find the source of all life. God is your shepherd – life is His pasture as you travel through. That;’s why Jesus said “I am the good Shepherd” ..

No matter what limitation or circumstance you find yourself up against this morning,remember there is a God who can empower you ..and help you get past what you think is impossible. For God can be trusted. He has never lied to anyone.

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There is a great promise in 1 Chronicles 28:20 where God says “Be confident,and never be afraid of anything or get discouraged. The Lord my God will help you do everything needed..”.  His way may not be the way we anticipated or expected,but let’s not worry about it. He knows what He is doing ..His way is ultimately the best way,even if it takes time to be evident.  Has your journey with God started yet/ Have you given over your life to Him?

I love this verse from Philippians 1:6 which is my prayer for you .. “God is the one who began this good work in you,and I am certain that He won’t stop before it is complete on the day that Christ Jesus returns”.