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God can make a way: Part 1

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By Chris WittsSaturday 17 Aug 2013Morning Devotions with Chris WittsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


One of my favourite Christian songs is a song known to many which has great tenderness and feeling,written by Don Moen. The words say .. “God will make a way when   there seems to be no way,He works in ways we cannot see,He will make a way for me. He will be my guide Hold me closely to His side,with love and strength for each new day,He will make a way. His Word will still remain,He will do something new today”.

This song gives me hope and I have a feeling it will help you,too,especially when you ask yourself ‘what do I do when I don’t know what to do?’. It can be an awful feeling,when you’re faced with a situation that has frightening consequences,or you’re called upon to make a decision,and you’re not sure what to do. But there is one bit of truth I want to say .. God will turn up in unexpected ways and help you. He has promised to do that,and He will show up in your life when you least expect it. He is a God of love and compassion,and He wants the best for you and me.

One of our problems is we think glib answers or theology statements will help people. Wrong. Imagine you’re facing the news of a terminal illness in your own life – ‘you’ve got 12 months to live’ says the specialist. What a shocking statement to hear and take in. You don’t want a friend to say “Oh well,you’ve had a good innings” or “Maybe God wants you early”. These kind of statements are hurtful and not helpful. Job,from the OT,knew the tragedy of loss in his life,and yet his friends let him down. They wanted to give him answers,when all he wanted was understanding and compassion. If we can stop and reflect on this for a moment,we will see how God send the right people along to help us. He always does. Maybe we didn’t recognise them at the time – but He does. Friends and family offer support and strength at times when we feel lost and vulnerable. Church is supposed to be a good place to find support,and many times that happens. Sometimes it doesn’t,and that is disappointing. God brought the church into being as means of helping and encouraging others. But we have to admit our failure sometimes. People have looked for help only to find judgement and criticism,and they feel “I’m not good enough – I don’t measure up”.

Maybe today you feel stuck – you know life is not meant to be perfect,but you’re looking for meaning and fulfilment somehow. Where do you find it? What about family life? Unfortunately many families are fractured today. In many family gatherings,there are underlying tensions and hostilities,ready to break out,and when they do,all that happens is unhappy people and angry words. But again I say,God will make a way through that mess if you call on Him. His Word promises that.

Don Moen’s touching song says “God will make a way when there is no other way”. In other words,sometimes we hit a brick wall. Which way do I turn? How do we find the way? How do we get above the tragedies and trials and unexpected challenges of life? We must believe that God will find a way. We may not know how,but let’s trust in Him to reveal the way,because He knows the beginning from the end ..It’s about embracing God and exercising faith  in Him. We might believe in God – but do we trust Him?  Can I depend on Him?  Trust is acting on your belief that He will find that way for you. What a challenge!

It’s about your attitude first,and then taking the 1st step. The 1st step is a small one,and then another,and another,.. the more you act on your faith in Him,the more you will see How He is helping you through the unknown.

There’s a lovely verse from Psalm 145 that says “Our Lord,everything you do is kind and thoughtful,and you are near to everyone whose prayers are sincere.” (v17-18) Earlier in that same Psalm,David wrote “You are merciful,Lord,You are kind and patient and always loving,You are good to everyone,and you take care of all your creation” (v8-9).
When the apostle Paul was in Athens he made this wonderful statement “This God made the world and everything in it. He is Lord of heaven and earth,and He doesn’t live in temple built by human hands. He doesn’t need help from anyone. He gives life,breath and everything else to all people. God has done all this,so that we will look for him and reach out and find Him. He isn’t far from any of us,and He gives us the power to live,to move,and be who we are. We are his children..” (Acts 17:24-28)

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