Profile Interview: From Mafia Mobster to Jesus Freak

Profile Interview: From Mafia Mobster to Jesus Freak

By Sheridan VoyseyMonday 9 Nov 2009Open House Interviews

When Michael Franzese was initiated into the New York Mafia, he went through a ceremony that involved shedding blood, and swearing to never betray the ‘Omerta’– the code of silence.

As Mafia bosses placed a picture of a saint in his hands and set it alight, they told him that his soul would burn in hell, if he ever betrayed his mob family.

So by all accounts, it’s a miracle that Franzese is alive today. Because after years in organised crime, climbing the mafia ladder, and becoming one of its most powerful money-makers since Al Capone, he did the unthinkable: He publicly left the Mob.

Not only that, he gave his life to another boss, Jesus Christ and started spreading a gospel of clean living, forgiveness and grace.

Michael Franzese’s gripping story is the subject of a number of books, and it’s even being made into a feature film. The former mobster joined Sheridan Voysey recently for this candid conversation.

Listen Now – Michael Franzese’s dramatic story of leaving the Mafia

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