Celebrate Easter with Hope 103.2 - Hope 103.2

Celebrate Easter with Hope 103.2

Slow down and mark the sanctity of the Easter period by carving out extra time in the Word with Hope 103.2 devotionals on YouVersion.

By Joni BoydWednesday 27 Mar 2024EasterReading Time: 4 minutes

Whether you’re looking for devotionals, prayer tips, recipes or a journey into the historical aspects of Easter, we’ve got you covered!
Key points
  • Easter is a time in the year to remember a moment in history that changed the world.
  • Learn more about the events around Easter, and why Jesus had to die on that cross.
  • Reflect on the immense sacrifice that Jesus made for us and celebrate the gift we’ve been given.
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Easter is a very special time.

It’s an opportunity to take time considering what Jesus did for all of us – and to enjoy the benefits of having some extra time to spend with those we love, over the long weekend.

We’ve hand-selected some of our best content, to help you and your loved ones celebrate with gratitude and joy, this Easter.

From all of us here at Hope 103.2, we hope you have a wonderful Easter!
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Hand-Picked Devotionals

There’s something special about the leadup to Easter. The mixture of joyful gratitude and the sobering reality of what Jesus endured for us is a beautiful invitation to go deeper.

Slow down and mark the sanctity of the Easter period by carving out extra time in the Word with Hope 103.2 devotionals on YouVersion. Read more.

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Open Doors: Persecution Will Happen This Easter

350 million (or 1 in 7) Christians around the world experience persecution and sadly, it often intensifies around Easter.

Adam Holland, CEO of Open Doors Australia and New Zealand, chatted with Hope Drive’s Georgia Free, about how we can support those who are suffering persecution, this Easter. Read more.

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Easter Traditions Explained

We all have our favourite Easter tradition. That moment which feels like Easter. You may be surprised to know the origins of some of our Easter traditions!

We’ve started the hard work for you… we’ve been digging into the history behind your favourite Easter traditions, to discover why we celebrate the Easter season the way we do. Read more.

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Sabbath – the Easter Long Weekend is a great time to start

When we think of the Sabbath, some will feel guilty because they know they should have a day of rest but don’t, others will hold to it strictly, and some will disregard it as outdated and unnecessary.

The Sabbath, observed weekly on the seventh day (which is Saturday) in Judaism, holds profound significance in pointing to Jesus in the Bible. Read more.

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Tips for Managing Sugar Overload

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! It’s that time of year, and chocolate is everywhere.

Celebrating and showing affection using chocolates and sugar-filled treats has become an important and unavoidable part of our culture. It can be a difficult time for some of us who have health concerns around consuming so much sugary and processed foods. Maintaining moderation can be a huge challenge but there’s no need to restrict yourself from this tasty treat altogether (unless you’re allergic… please don’t eat it!).

You can, however, use the following tips and tricks to help reduce the impact of its many negative side effects. Read more.

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Sharing the Easter Story with Meringue Cookies

It’s very easy, isn’t it, for Easter time to become all about Easter baskets, Easter bonnet parades at school, chocolate bunnies (or bilbies), and Easter egg hunts in the garden?

In all the excitement and hoopla, the true meaning of this holiest of celebrations can get a bit lost, especially for the younger members of the family.

But no matter the age, this hands-on lesson is one that kids can relate to, reinforcing the true meaning of Easter. The Easter Cookie Story is a great tradition to start with your family this Easter. This is a meaningful and enjoyable cooking activity making delicious meringue cookies while also hearing the Easter story read from the Bible. Read more.

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When Jesus Breathed His Last

Do you feel sometimes like there’s some kind of blockage between you and God? It could be a barrier of any kind, but it keeps you from experiencing that God has promised.

If so, there’s hope for you in an important event that happened at the crucifixion of Jesus. Read more.


Simplify and Sabbath This Easter

Have you found yourself wanting to slow down? Pace is an important perspective, but it holds greater weight in a society that has been recovering from years of a pandemic.

We must make time to rest. This is the rhythm of creating boundaries that maintain the priority and sacredness of the Sabbath in our lives. Read more.

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