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From Wonder Years to Wedding Bells: Where is Danica McKellar Now?

Following 'The Wonder Years', Fred Savage went on to work in TV and film, while Josh Saviano became a lawyer... but what happened to Winnie?

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If you’re talking classic coming-of-age TV sitcoms, you’ve got to mention The Wonder Years (1988-1993).

The hilarious and often heart-wrenching show followed Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) and his best friend Paul (Josh Saviano) as they grew up in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

Throughout the series, Kevin was navigating his love for the girl next door, Winnie (Danica McKellar). He also had to deal with the older brother we loved to hate, Wayne (Jason Hervey).

The Wonder Years image
Above: Josh Saviano, Fred Savage and Danica McKellar as Paul, Kevin and Winnie in The Wonder Years.

Where are they now?

After The Wonder Years, Fred Savage guest-starred in a number of TV shows and movies. He also lent his voice to animated shows, and has taken on several behind-the-scenes roles. Josh Saviano became a lawyer, but what happened to Winnie?

After Kevin and Winnie’s final summer, Danica McKellar earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. Armed with a passion for fractions, McKellar has written a whopping 11 books which are aimed at encouraging absolutely everyone to love maths – especially girls.

Maths and Motherhood

“My main concern with the condition of mathematics in school is that there’s a lot of fear involved!” Danica said.

“Math is not, generally speaking, presented in a fun way.

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“The concepts, as I see them, ARE fun, and that’s the way I’d like to convey them.”

Now 46, the child-star-turned-mathematician-mother homeschools her son Draco.

During the pandemic, she created videos posted on Instagram (@DanicaMcKellar) to help other parents.

“A lot of people ask me how I do it – how do I get the kids to sit down and focus?” Danica said

“I want to reach out to all of the parents thrown into home schooling these days. I really feel for them,

“It is a situation I chose for myself, but it’s not easy, juggling everything. The videos are about things that work for me and my son.”

Recent TV roles

Danica is still acting as well! On television, the actress had a recurring role on The West Wing and has also appeared on How I Met Your MotherThe Big Bang Theory, and Dancing With the Stars in the USA.

Always keen to champion smart girls and women, Danica starred in Project Mc2 (2015) on Netflix, a comedy series about four girls using their knowledge of science to help save the world.

“It’s hard to describe why I love acting,” she said.

“I’ve always had two sides to my personality.

“On the one hand, I love logic and math and puzzles. On the other, I just love to entertain people.”

GOOD Premiere: ‘Wedding Bells’

Danica has also played the romantic lead in several Hallmark and GAC movies.

You can see her now in GOOD premiere movie Wedding Bells, the story of commitment-phobic and busy professionals Molly )McKellar) and Nick (played by When Calls the Heart star Kavan Smith).

They are asked to be the Maid of Honour and Best Man at their mutual friend’s wedding.

When the wedding is put in danger, they must work together to plan the perfect day.

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