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Ninja Warrior’s Alex Cusak Shocks Crowd With His Strength – And His Poetry!

By Clare BruceMonday 22 Jul 2019Hope Mornings

Listen: Ninja Warrior wildcard Alex Cusak chats to Katrina Roe

When you think Ninja Warrior, you tend to think beef and brawn, not philosophy and poetry.

So Alex Cusak, a relatively small 19-year-old guy who hosts kids birthday parties, ponders philosophy and writes poetry in his spare time, breaks the mould for Ninja Warrior contestants.

When he shocked everyone by becoming the first contestant on the TV show to scale the “Warped Wall” on Monday night, he then shocked them further, launching into a spot of poetry (catch it on the audio player above). It had the crowds cheering, and the show’s hosts gobsmacked and speechless.

Katrina Rowe had a chance to catch up with him on the phone today, and asked what inspires him. He explained that he tries to keep a balance between the self-acceptance philosophy of Walt Whitman, and the best-self approach of Benjamin Franklin.

Alex is one to watch!

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