Starting a New Life in Miami: Emma & Terrence Mullings' Story on ACCTV – Hope 103.2

Starting a New Life in Miami: Emma & Terrence Mullings’ Story on ACCTV

By Clare BruceTuesday 27 Nov 2018

If you’ve followed the story of Emma and Terrence Mullings, you’ll know that they’ve faced a few hurdles on their journey to Miami…including the birth of their fourth child!

The pastoring, preaching, singing, acting, TV presenting couple from Sydney, have famously been planning for years to follow their God-given dream: to plant a church in Miami, Florida, USA. It’s one of the places where Terrence grew up, a city that’s both beautiful and broken, and in need of hope.

In 2017 the Mullings’ set dates and publicised their plans, secured visas, raised funds, sold their belongings and quit their jobs. Emma, who’s also a singer-songwriter, farewelled her co-workers and listeners at Hope 103.2, where she worked as a radio announcer. They were ready to go.

And then, a spanner in the works: they got pregnant. Not only was a fourth baby on the way, but they wouldn’t be able to have that baby in America.

“I know I’ll never feel ready to leave, but it’s just about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.”

How they dealt with all the unexpected curve-balls of the journey is the subject of a three-part TV series – Living and Launching with Terrence and Emma – starting Tuesday, November 27, on ACCTV.

The show delves into the big questions: What does young Jeremiah think of Vegemite? Does their daughter Hosannah ever stop dancing? Will they have a fifth baby? Will there be a vasectomy? And most importantly, will they get to Miami?

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The pair are interviewed both together and solo, letting out a few secrets, and admitting their fears: “I know I’ll never feel ready [to leave],” says Emma, “but it’s just about feeling the fear and doing it anyway, because of that conviction that God’s asked us to go and we’ve said yes.”

Catch the three-part show anytime on demand after launch, or on the ACCTV channel, 6:30pm Tuesdays starting November 27, and 9am Thursdays.

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