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Twin Peaks Season 3: 60 Second Movie Review [video]

As we enter another season of Twin Peaks, Ben McEachen gives his 60-second verdict.

By Ben McEachenWednesday 14 Jun 2017The Big PictureTV and StreamingReading Time: 2 minutes

25 years ago on Twin Peaks, FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle McLachlan) entered a supernatural realm called The Black Lodge. Having found a way out, Cooper seems to be trying to make his way back to the town of Twin Peaks, although his evil “twin” is on the loose – and the FBI agent just might be an entirely different person.

RATED: Twin Peaks Season 3 is rated MA15+

AUDIENCE: Fans of the first two seasons of groundbreaking TV show Twin Peaks. Originally aired in 1990 and 1991, Twin Peaks was unlike any show before it. Or after it.

WHAT’S GOOD: Bringing a TV show back for a new season, 25 years later, is a highly unusual move. Twin Peaks was a cult mainstream show, and its Season 2 finale actually set up well the opportunity for its return. The small screen universe of Twin Peaks, created by arthouse movie legend David Lynch, was always weird and wonderful – but Season 3 amplifies that. It’s a bizarre, confronting odyssey about murder mysteries, evil twins, random kitsch and graphic tangents of extreme oddness. Fans will be enticed and bemused by Lynch’s evident desire to spin the most head-scratching yarn he can. But it DOES sink its cuckoo claws in, even as you have no idea what on earth is going on.

WHAT’S NOT: Despite it being heavily advertised, Twin Peaks Season 3 is not a binge-watching experience recommended for anyone unfamiliar with what happened 25 years ago. Fans are struggling to make sense of Season 3, let alone those who know nothing of FBI Agent Cooper’s history with the case of the killing of high-school student Laura Palmer. While weirdness in the show will be welcomed by Twin Peaks lovers, Season 3 definitely overdoes it while also being painfully slow and deliberate about not going in any clear direction. Sadly, the violence, language and sexual content has unnecessarily increased since the 1990s.

SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: While much has changed about Twin Peaks, it continues to be anchored in the war in our souls between good and evil. While the supernatural/spiritual battle being played out on-screen is frequently loopy, we should be meaningfully provoked by the horrific consequences of evil consuming any of us. The changes in Agent Cooper, in particular, go right to his very core. His previous devotion to crusading for good has been snuffed out by evil taking charge. Being scared by Twin Peaks isn’t a simple matter of entertainment; it’s a disturbing portrait of not continuing to be able to resist evil.

RELEASE DATE: Twin Peaks is now streaming on Stan

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