40+ Fabulous Women: Kristina Keneally Joins SWBY for Episode 1 - Hope 103.2

40+ Fabulous Women: Kristina Keneally Joins SWBY for Episode 1

Former NSW Premier and Labor Senator Kristina Keneally joins SWBY for a moving conversation about pregnancy loss, and how to move forward after such tragic experiences.

By Hope 103.2Friday 8 Mar 2024She Wasn't Born YesterdayPodcastsReading Time: 2 minutes

She Wasn’t Born Yesterday: new podcast for 40+ fabulous women on Hope 103.2

Featuring an array of high-profile guests, including Kristina Keneally and Mark Tedeschi KC, She Wasn’t Born Yesterday (SWBY) delves into the huge range of issues confronting women 40+ today.

How do you deal with the ‘pause’? How do you know you’re dating someone with a narcissistic personality disorder? How do you move on from divorce? Diving headfirst into topics from homelessness to women using porn, true crime obsession and raising teens, the new podcast doesn’t shy away from any issue affecting women over 40.

SWBY is hosted by Janet Evans, an advertising creative and Dr Amelia Haines, a sexual health and relationship therapist, who together have written Australia’s first book on ‘empty nest syndrome’, Empty Next. A chance interview on radio station Hope 103.2 about the book inspired the podcast.

“So many unique issues affect women at our phase of life, including empty nest syndrome, and nothing’s off limits in SWBY! We dive headfirst into them, but hopefully with lightness and relevant wit where possible,” Janet commented.

“We were incredibly lucky to chat to some very high profile guests, including CEOs of important organisations, who shared their expertise with us and our audience.”

In the powerful first episode, Janet and Dr Amelia sit down with Former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally for a raw, no-holds-barred interview discussing her experience with stillbirth, and how her personal tragedy motivated her to use her public profile to create game-changing policy.

“We think women (and hopefully guys too) will resonate with all our topics. Our guests have shared so many eye-opening experiences, even the audio engineers at Hope said how much they were enlightened and entertained.”

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