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This is The End of ‘The Chosen’

Season Three wraps up with thousands being miraculously fed and "the most powerful scene" in this TV phenomenon about Jesus.

By Ben McEachenFriday 5 May 2023#FollowingTheChosenPodcastsReading Time: 2 minutes

Spoiler alert: When it comes to a finale, feeding thousands of people and walking on water is a strong way to finish.

The last episode of The Chosen‘s third season, Sustenance, winds up with some of the most famous miracles in the gospels.

But it is not all about the epic crowd scenes and waterwork special effects.

The power of faith and who that faith is placed in does rise to the top in this strong, stirring conclusion to Season Three.

Laura Bennett and Ben McEachen in this #FollowingTheChosen podcast episode were split on how they felt about some of the biggest moments.

The lingering impact of where The Chosen leaves us, though, has them eager for what’s next.

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Commanding the room

Framed by a creative presentation of Psalm 77, Sustenance spends a lot of time with how Jesus disarms a wide variety of hostile or confused groups.

Creative touches, such as Jesus having his disciples sit down, stood out to Laura.

The Chosen‘s depiction of Jesus dealing with opposition befits what we read of him in the gospels.

Similarly, Ben was struck by the on-screen approach of having Jesus respond to accusations or queries with parables, more questions and the information he wants to impart.

“I was totally convinced that people would have done this with Jesus,” Ben said about the scenes of annoyed onlookers gradually being soothed or subdued by Jesus.

“Even those who disagreed with him would not have denied his command of the room.

“That’s probably what Jesus was [really] like, in person.”

The “most powerful” Chosen scene

Whether you wonder at the scale of the feeding of thousands of people with a few fish and bread loaves, or you have food poisoning concerns (Laura!), Sustenance has plenty to chew on about what Jesus offers.

Also, what he doesn’t seem to offer, as the Season Three plot line about Simon and Eden finally arrives at Jesus’ doorstep.

“One of the most power scenes” in all of The Chosen.

That’s how much Laura was moved by the on-screen treatment of Simon being called out, by Jesus, on to the water’s surface during a fierce storm.

“The scene of Jesus walking on the water and the exchange with Simon, I was like, ‘Yes!'” Laura said.

“They have weaved together everything in such a powerful, powerful way.

“I was in it and the things it was making me think of from my own spiritual perspective.”

Bring on Season Four, right?

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