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Our Skill Can’t Cover Up Our Character: Songwriter Matt Redman on Modern Worship

With the release of his latest album, Matt Redman talks about the cross section between parenting and worship and worshipping in tough times.

By Laura BennettTuesday 14 Mar 2023UNDISTRACTEDPodcastsReading Time: 1 minute

If you were raised in a Christian home or have been at church for any length of time, the idea of worship is everywhere: we worship God, we sing worship songs and we’re told to be careful of worshipping the wrong things.

But what is worship really? And what’s its effect on the way we live our lives?

Grammy award winning songwriter Matt Redman has been a leading voice in worship music for more than 20 years, with standout tracks including The Heart of Worship and 10,000 Reasons being sung in churches around the world most weekends.

Matt’s 19th album Lamb of God has just been released and he spoke about where parenting and worship collide, the role of worship in tough times and what inspired him to first write music on Hope 103.2’s UNDISTRACTED podcast.

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See Matt’s single Son of Suffering on The Chosen:

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