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“It Really Threw Me”: An Unforgettable Start on #FollowingTheChosen Podcast

This episode had podcast hosts Laura Bennett and Ben McEachen thinking something was awry after the opening scene.

By Ben McEachenTuesday 11 Apr 2023#FollowingTheChosenPodcastsReading Time: 3 minutes

No, there is nothing wrong with your phone or larger screen.

Clean: Part 1 in Season 3 of The Chosen does begin with a virtually silent montage, presented in arty black and white.

As discussed in this episode of #FollowingThe Chosen podcast, TV/film reviewers and Chosen fans Laura Bennett and Ben McEachen did think something was awry with this episode.

“It really threw me,” Laura said. “For a second [I thought], ‘Maybe there’s something wrong with my phone? Something is not connecting right’.”

Instead, the opening overview of the disciples’ healing and preaching was a deliberate stylistic choice.

Ben appreciated the bold, creative move to distinguish the disciples’ exploits, even as he had similar “is there something wrong with the sound?” issues to Laura.

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Unimpressed. Kinda

This jarring start made Laura feel “this episode was one of the weaker ones of what we’ve seen so far”.

“In terms of how they bring it together as a story and piece of engaging television,” she said.

Laura was sounding similar to Ben about the previous episode, Physician, Heal Yourself.

However, before she went any further into “bad cop” territory, Laura highlighted Clean: Part 1 contained plenty of strong themes and conversations to hold your interest.

Who is that?

One of The Chosen episodes that is like a bridge between major moments, Clean: Part 1 is subtly grounded in the different roles which men and women had in the first century.

Relationship tension between Simon and Eden simmers, alongside the all-important introduction of a shunned woman who has been bleeding for 12 years. No prizes for guessing who she is or what will happen to her.

“This is the thing of The Chosen, that it opens your eyes up to the human side and the story beyond what we see in the pages of Scripture,” Laura said.

Headed toward the revealing debrief had by the disciples after their “mission trip”, the episode also presents more examples of Jewish leaders (and others) trying to come to terms with Jesus.

Just like the woman who has been bleeding, the presence of synagogue ruler Jairus and his daughter creates instant expectation for when Jesus will perform a miracle in their family.

The fact Clean is a two-part episode should tell all of us when to expect that particular miracle.

Hypocrisy highlighted

Before the unforgettable impact of Jesus upon Jairus’ household, this Chosen episode presented more relatable struggles through the disciples.

Laura and Ben liked Clean: Part 1‘s raising of hypocrisy.

“Surely, this is the bind every single human is in, let alone those who follow Jesus,” Ben said.

As much as anyone tries to follow Jesus, none of us will do that perfectly.

Practicing what we preach is perilous for imperfect people.

Highlighting hypocrisy is one “gem” of reflection for viewers of Clean: Part 1.

“Not to just reflect upon your own relationship with Jesus but how you live it out – and how honest are you about it,” Ben said.

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