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The Most Radical New Year’s Financial Resolution You’ve Never Thought Of

Having trouble sticking to the financial goals that you set every January 1? Try 'turning from and turning towards'

By Ben McEachenWednesday 28 Dec 2022Money: Faith & FinancePodcastsReading Time: 2 minutes

Warning: Amazing #LifeHack coming your way.

You might not be a believer in New Year’s resolutions.

Ben and Pete are not, either.

But as the hosts of Money had a think about kicking off a new year, Pete Burrows suggested something Ben McEachen had never thought about before.

Sydney accountant Pete is a bit shy about his idea, as you can hear in this episode of the Money podcast.

Don’t let that stop you from leaning in, though.

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Know your “why”

“You need to know your ‘why’, otherwise it won’t stick,” Pete started about how best to approach resolutions.

“You can’t just say, ‘I want to spend less’ or ‘I want to save money.’ You need a focus.

“You need a reminder of why, to help you stick to the goal.”

Wait. Don’t rush off and start new year resolving.

“You need to know your ‘why'” is the not the amazing #lifehack.

From here, Pete makes a link between a biblical concept and setting financial goals which you never have thought of before.

Seriously. Ben could hardly believe what Pete was putting forward.

But the more Pete delved into his radical approach to New Year’s Money Resolutions, the more Ben could get where Pete was coming from.

Turn from and turn towards

“Is there something you want to turn from in your financial life?” Pete said.

“It might be repenting from spending as much money on myself, because I’ve got a family and I need to put others’ needs before mine.”

Did you catch it? Pete’s amazing #lifehack for setting financial resolutions which will stick.

For arguably the first time ever, repentance and resolutions have been brought together in the one household budget spreadsheet.

Without suggesting such repentance equates exactly to the sort Jesus calls us to, in light of our sins, Pete promotes a guiding principle of having to turn from certain damaging behaviours and towards positive goals.

Imagine what might be for your financial state. Let alone your soul.

Listen to the full New Year’s Money Resolutions episode in the player above or wherever you get your podcasts.