Raising Teens Season 3 | Podcast with Adolescent Psychologist

‘Raising Teens’ Podcast with Adolescent Psychologist Season 3 Return

Returning for another season to equip and encourage parents of teenagers, this podcast is created from your challenges, advice and suggestions to share with others in this parenting community.

By Hope 103.2Sunday 17 Apr 2022Raising TeensPodcastsReading Time: 1 minute

TFW. SRSLY. YNK. TLDR… how do you keep up with your teenager when their texts are harder to decode than one of the most famous unsolved codes in the world, Kryptos?

You may not understand their endless list of acronyms but that doesn’t mean you and the teenager in your life can’t learn to communicate well.

Enter: psychologist, qualified teacher, speaker and internationally published author Collett Smart for another season of Raising Teens to provide you with information and resources to tackle the teen chapter in your child’s life.

Season three kicks off with ‘Active Listening’ and ‘First Job’ episodes, and welcomes a new host – Hope 103.2 Afternoons announcer Ben McEachen.

Active Listening, episode 1

Can we listen better to our kids? What’s the difference between hearing what they have to say and actually listening to them?

First Jobs, episode 2

Is it a good idea for teens to get a job? It’s great for them to have more money and responsibility but could it derail their studies and relationships?

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