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Don’t Let Life’s Headlines Dominate, Seek Out Small Wonders

Through audio essays about the everyday, Laurel Moffatt wants us to consider the power of the little wonders of life.

By Ben McEachenTuesday 16 Aug 2022Hope MorningsPodcastsReading Time: 1 minute

Laurel Moffatt knows that the big things of life tend to grab the headlines.

Even in our own lives, the big stuff dominates.

We see ourselves defined and shaped by births or deaths, weddings or trauma, getting a job or losing our homes.

But Laurel begs, politely, to differ. Deep meaning and importance can be found elsewhere, every day, in our lives.

Writer and thinking Laurel has been a fan of the smaller things in life for some time. So much so that her podcast, Small Wonders, is devoted to putting a spotlight on the little details.

She told Hope Mornings about why small wonders fascinate her and how Small Wonders offers a different perspective on what everything is all about.

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