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Blessing Offor Brings Fresh Creativity to Christian Music

Blessing Offor isn't afraid to explore the deeper, messy parts of life through his first full-length album, 'My Tribe'. 

By David EsquenTuesday 24 Jan 2023FRESHMusicReading Time: 2 minutes

Blessing Offor is a fresh singer-songwriter who brings a new perspective and creativity to Christian music.

Born in a village in South Eastern Nigeria, Blessing moved to the US as a child and eventually pursued his passion for music.

“I did the very un-immigrant thing and became a songwriter instead of a lawyer… It’s OK to break the rules sometimes,” Blessing told Hope 103.2.

Born with glaucoma in his left eye, and losing vision in his right after an accident, Blessing hasn’t let that stop him from chasing his dreams. His music has already been featured in major shows like Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Now, he has released his debut full-length record, My Tribe, on a Christian label (Capitol CMG) and has a lot to say about it, starting with a tribute to his roots and his family on the first track.

“To allow me to come to the States was a very painful thing for them to do, yet it changed the trajectory of my entire life… I would not be here were it not for their selflessness,” he said.

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Blessing also isn’t afraid to explore the deeper, messy parts of life on tracks like Looking for God.  He said of the song, “I love everything relating to how unorthodox Jesus was, and I think sometimes we make him the ‘safe guy’ and that’s not who He was”.

“He was somebody who was not afraid to dig into the muck and mess that is life… I love the idea that God can be found at someone’s lowest moment which could be in the backstreets of an alley, or just in places that are not neat and tidy.”

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