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Aussie Icon Kate Ceberano Celebrates Decorated Career with Symphony Show

For decades Kate Ceberano's songs have resonated with Australians and she continues to receive messages about her music's impact.

By Georgia FreeMonday 18 Sep 2023Hope DriveMusicReading Time: 2 minutes

Kate Ceberano has been shaping the Australian music landscape for more than 40 years – from soulful anthems such as Brave to playful tracks such as Pash. To celebrate, she’s turned her songs into a symphony.

Kate will be performing My Life is a Symphony, alongside the Metropolitan Orchestra at the Night at the Barracks in Manly – an experience she is excited to share with the audience.

“I definitely feel that when you’re surrounded by a symphony orchestra, you’re part of an ocean of experience,” Kate told Hope Drive.

“It makes for such a different kind of show.”

Kate Ceberano

Source: Supplied / Image by Dara Munnis

A lasting impression

Kate is no stranger to the spotlight. However, she is grateful for the opportunity for privacy in her early career.

“In my lifetime, I’ve gone from not having mobile phones or social media,” Kate recalled.

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“There was nothing to capture my career from the age of 14 to my mid-30s.

“I’ve spent half my life without being surveyed and I think it was healthy because I could figure out who I was as a person.”

However, Kate’s music was a different story. From the start of her career, her songs have resonated with Australians – and, decades later, Kate continues to receive messages on the impact of her music – especially songs like Brave.

“When you have a song that’s meaningful to people in their youth, and it travels with them through life’s ups and downs… that’s the test of a valuable piece of art,” Kate said.

From songwriting to memoir

During COVID, Kate turned her hand to another type of art – writing. Her memoir Unsung out in November, showcases Kate’s art through songwriting, painting and other art forms.

“It’s a glimpse into my creative mind.”

Listen to Kate’s full interview on Hope Drive in the player above.

Kate is performing at Night at the Barracks, Manly on Saturday 23 September.

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Kate Ceberano

Source: Supplied / Image by Gladys Smith